Bespoke Furniture

This ranges from free-standing pieces, to lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture. The range of materials used is wide, from exotic walnuts to Cedar of Lebanon, glass, metals, stones and composites, gold and silver leaf to name a few. Nathaniel Joseph’s furniture has an unequivocal build quality and style in every piece it produces. Built to last and stand the decades of design and never out of fashion, Nathaniel Joseph’s furniture is made for life, giving it a unique, timeless quality.

“We want to leave a lasting legacy in furniture. Our designs are cutting edge and every piece is truly bespoke, a piece of art in itself. We cater for all tastes and build lifelong relationships with our clients” says Managing Director, Nathan Palmer

Nathaniel Joseph is a unique company, which has two predominant strands, the design and creation of highly original Bespoke Furniture and a Complete Interiors Service.

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